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Newsletter | December 2019

Looking back on 2019 | South Coast Jewel | Property X-Factor

Welcome to the December 2019 edition of the Adviseable newsletter!

With 2019 rapidly drawing to a close, we now have an opportunity to reflect on the ‘property year’ that’s passed. It was certainly an interesting one, with the front end and tail end of the year in stark contrast. The year kicked off with dire lending conditions, depressed buyer sentiment, and a looming election which threatened to take all joy out of property ownership. Fast forward to now and the situation has entirely flipped 180 degrees, with interest rates bottoming out at all-time lows, a return of FOMO, and an assurance that negative gearing won’t be going away anytime soon. Naturally this is all very welcome news and a great way to roll into the new year! Let’s just hope that sellers wake up and property listings are a little more abundant in 2020…

At this time we’d also like to take the opportunity to say a sincere thank you for your support throughout the year. It’s been a pleasure working with each and every one of you and we look forward to continuing to help you reach your property goals in 2020!

Although we’ll technically be closing for the holidays at COB on Friday 20th of December and reopening on Monday 6th of January, we’ll still very much be keeping an eye of things. So if we’re in the middle of a purchase or property search for you fear not – We’ll be all over it!

Thanks again for your support throughout this year, and have a safe and happy holidays!

Kate, Alex, & Sybil

In case you missed it, Alex recently co-hosted a webinar with Hotspotting’s Terry Ryder about the ever-popular topic of small scale residential property development:

Recently Purchased by Adviseable: 668 Beach Rd. Surf Beach NSW

This charming 4 bed, 1 bath beach-pad was purchased by the Adviseable team for $525,000 on behalf of some very happy owner occupier clients. Located literally across the road from Surf Beach (Bateman’s Bay), with it’s R3 Medium Density zoning this property is perfectly poised to be redeveloped in spectacular fashion! Watch this space. With Frenzied buyers returning to the Sydney property markets, the process of buying an owner occupier home can be quite the task right now! Whether that means securing the property you want for a realistic price or even just getting access to quality listings ahead of the pack. That’s where the Adviseable Home Buyer service comes in. So if you’re looking to buy your first home, upgrade, or even downsize, please keep in mind that we can help!

Question of the month:

Q: To help me get the most from my next investment property purchase, do you have any suggested strategies which could provide an edge when selecting property and location?

A: As a buyer’s agent I see a lot of properties day in day out. A lot! As a by-product of this constant exposure to real estate, I’ll be the first to admit that I can be hard to please in this department. It takes an extra special property investment opportunity to get my attention!

So what does a property investment opportunity need to have for me to stop and take notice? It needs that ‘X factor’. No, I’m not talking about the cringe-worthy talent show on TV. I’m referring to that one compelling aspect of the opportunity’s back story that ‘ups the ante’ so to speak. That one aspect that offers to significantly boost the chance for the property to deliver a greater investment return within a shorter timeframe. Such examples of this might be:

  • Strong value for money – The value proposition of a property can relate to a variety of facets such as; size, quality of fittings & inclusions, and functionality. Alternatively, perhaps it’s just on offer at a great price due to the seller’s circumstances. Whatever the reason, to fully appreciate how the property stacks up from a value proposition standpoint, understanding the local market is key here.
  • Ideally situated on the ‘property clock’ – Timing the market is not the easiest thing to do, but when you’re lucky enough to buy at the ‘right’ time spectacular results can ensue. Assess where the suburb/region sits on the property clock to gauge if there’s likely to be slow times ahead as the market cools, or if the probability for some long overdue growth is on the cards.
  • Shifting demographic/local perception – That once downtrodden blue collar suburb whereby a changing of the guard is taking place due to its convenient positioning coupled with affordability. Keep an eye out for chic cafes, boutique grocers, and designer dogs emerging on the scene.
  • Uniqueness – The foundation of investing for growth is to hold something that will always be in high demand yet short supply. This could mean seeking that specific property type, style, or configuration that is a highly sought after rarity within the suburb/region, in turn providing an edge over the local competition.
  • Change in council zoning – Think; that industrial inner-city area that’s about to be drastically transformed courtesy of some strategic government re-zoning to promote residential development. Just be sure that the public transport, retail, and other lifestyle amenities are in the works too!
  • Proximity to landmark amenities – A property that’s close to the key amenities that anchor a suburb/region such as retail hubs, dining strips, or highly coveted school districts can provide the investor with a major advantage when tenanting or selling.
  • Value-add potential – Renovations, extensions, and sub-divisions may not be within everyone’s comfort zone, but sometimes merely having that untapped potential up your sleeve can provide a real kicker come sale time.

The above is just a starting point and by no means an exhaustive list. But hopefully it provides a little food for thought for when you’re analysing your next investment property purchase. Stop and ask yourself, does this property truly have the ‘X factor’? – Alex

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