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Our Story

"Anybody who is managing money for someone else has a legal and an ethical responsibility for doing the right thing and looking out for other people's money. This is really people's lives we are talking about here at the end of the day, right ?"

Dr Jeffrey Brown

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If you're really keen to read about where we came from, who we are, what we stand for, what we do, and why we love it ... read on !!

Adviseable was born and evolved from Kate's vision to provide an expert Buyer's Agency service for those people who simply don't have the time to do this for themselves, but also need someone they can trust absolutely to help them purchase the best possible property.
Kate spent many years in the property investment advisory industry as a mentor and coach and came across so many property owners out there who'd been ripped off by property spruikers and so above everything else, Adviseable had to be a company with a mission, a strategy and advisers who believed in looking after the buyers FIRST and not be focussed on lining their own pockets with large commissions, like so many other agents out there are doing.

This meant setting up a "fee for service" product that ALWAYS has the buyer's best interest at its heart. Right from the start of our process when the buyer's brief is prepared (with risk profiling and property cash flow samplers) to the area decision being made together with the buyer to the stage when property is purchased, everything comes back to making the best possible decisions together.

 After all, it’s YOUR money !​

Adviseable was, therefore, created with this in mind, and has always been true to its mission. The client is the only one who ever pays for the buyer's agency and property finding service. We don't get paid by any marketers, developers or sellers of property of any kind. We don't sell house & land packages and we don't market or sell property of ANY KIND. What we do do is source the best properties available at the time. Do we get access to off market listings ? You bet we do, and we scrutinise those the same as any other property. Many agencies won't like us revealing this, but there really aren't many big secrets to doing this. But there is a lot of skill, training and experience involved and we do it all day, every day. We know what to look for, where to look for it and what questions to ask. We are experts and we have been doing this for years.

At this stage we ask you a question; why would you take advice on such an important venture from anyone who isn't a professional in their field?

Would you perform surgery on yourself, or even ask friend to do it? No of course not, you'd put an expert medical professional in charge of that. If you had to go to court would you use someone who simply looked slick, had a glossy brochure and promised you great successes? Of course you wouldn't, you'd employ an actual lawyer with qualifications and experience to help you navigate the intricacies of the legal system. And yet year in and year out property buyers who are making huge decisions that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, put their financial futures in the hands of well-meaning friends (well-meaning but NOT experts), get stung by spruikers, or pay hard-earned money to an alleged "advocate" with great marketing material but nothing that actually qualifies them to buy you a great property.

So... having gotten that off our chests, we ask that you always consider who you're approaching to help you make these big decisions. Check their qualifications, check their experience, check all their credentials, check the company they're working for, check their results AND most important of all, check their motivation. Who is paying them ? If the service is "free" then run a mile. Then it's not a service, it's a sale, you are being sold to, and someone most definitely IS paying them, and they won't be working in your best interest. And guess who'll be paying for those commissions that they get paid ? Yep, that'll be you, the buyer, in the inflated property price.

“…always consider who you’re approaching to help you make these big decisions.”

If you've made it this far through our story and the rant above and you are still interested and still reading then you might like to know that at Adviseable we pride ourselves on finding our clients the best property solutions for their unique circumstances and needs.

We literally pick up our phones and call agents and find you the best property we can. We do not have a folder full of properties to sell you. We do not process our clients like they're on a conveyer belt. We don't SWARM into an area like locusts buying up everything and pressuring client's into snapping up the latest "bargain" that might not actually be right for them - you know, that "HURRY HURRY HURRY, there's only 2 left" approach. We search for the property that matches the buyer, in the area that best suits the buyer. Do we have brochures ? Of course we do, but they're not glossy ! They give real information about real properties.

Adviseable are expert Property Buyers, Developers and Advisers.
Our Mission is to buy the best available properties in the best available areas with a supportive, personal and client first approach.

“We are all about expert advice, support, encouragement and motivation”

And best of all, all our Agents and Advisers are Qualified Property Investment Advisers, avid property investors ourselves and we LOVE sharing this passion with others. Whether you’re a property investor looking to add quality assets to your portfolio, a home buyer looking for your dream home or a property developer looking for some genuine equity uplift to your next project, we can help you and we love helping you.

Our supportive, personalised, client-first approach will ensure that everyone achieves the best outcome possible for your specific circumstances and strategy. We are all about expert advice, support, encouragement and motivation and fostering a belief that whatever stage of life you're at, it's never too late. Your financial outcomes do actually matter to us and we have gone to a lot of trouble to get ourselves licensed, qualified and experienced to provide you with the best possible service and the best possible outcome. We cherish and nurture the relationships we have and we want happy clients who come back time and time again for more property purchases.

and if you are STILL reading ... then good onya and know something ...

You matter to us ! To us, our clients are like family !

We can't wait to receive your call so we can discuss how we can help you and you'll know you're in the best possible hands.

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